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Two spiralling funnels, 12 curved precision crafted birch rails and 10 power boosting accelerators inspire builders to design in increasingly complex runs

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Create endless Quadrilla marble runs with this challenging set of straight and curved rails, high-velocity funnels, a seesaw, accelerators, blocks, levellers, bases and 50 marbles.

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The Vertigo is a dizzying, daring, lightning-fast Quadrilla marble run that includes 3 twisting funnels, straight, precision crafted birch rails, a see saw and accelerators let kids design whirlwind racetracks, lightning fast, daring dizzying.

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The amazing new Quadrilla Space City Marble Run! Customize your Quadrilla Set and build your Space City! Imagine. Launch your marbles through cosmic boosts and glow-in-the-dark loops. Switch the light off for added effect.


The Music Motion turns up the volume on a classic marble runs by adding sound to spin and speed. Strategically combine six musical chimes with precision crafted birch rails to create a unique melody as marbles race down the track.